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Irie Jamboree '06

The lineup was good, very good.  We had Mr. Vegas, Assassin Gregory Isaacs, Baby Cham, Beenie Man, Marcia Griffiths, Beres Hammond and Capleton.  Did Cocoa Tea make the event?  Sorry I missed all the performers before 4:30, including Mr. Vegas but I was on line waiting to get in.


Part Two of the show started with the Live Wire Band.  A tight sounding outfit.  Liked their sound.  Mr. Elan, Jamaican people are very fickle.  When dem want you, you will know.  When dem tired a you, you will know.  Please read the signs.  Assassin did a good set and so did Gregory Isaacs.


Ruff Stuff you brought up Baby Cham.  Well energized, even though some of the lyrics were more for the grown up.  Remember children in the house.  Enjoyed your performance.   New album, 'Ghetto Story' in stores.  Beenie Man was not connecting to me.  Undisputed you say?  Kings know how to rule.  Childish, petty and personal jibes don't belong on a stage.  Not when good money a spend.


Shiloh, till Shiloh.  A so Buju seh.  Moving performance.  The calmer more spiritual Buju does it for me every time.  Overall a good set. New album, 'Too Bad' coming soon.


Harmony House, sounds like we getting closer to Beres.  Sista Marcia graced the stage as gorgeous as ever.  Taking time out of her short time to pay tribute to Culture, Joseph Hill.  Now that is the Queen of the dancehall.  A little anti-climatic though with the Bob Marley.  We don't have to resurrect him at every event.

My baby was on stage. Beres! Hush! He is singing.  It's a good thing Beres knows how to do his one minute renditions, so he could fit as many songs as possible into his short time.  Love his reconnection with Buju.  Thank you Buju for remembering that it was Beres' set.


Did the place bun down?  The Fireman, "The Prophet" was on the stage.  If you want someone to hype up a crowd, then there is none better than Capleton.  Hands a wave, cell phone a blaze.  He did his twenty minutes of getting the crowd moving and closing the show, but did you notice him never got beyond one line of all of his songs?  Need more prophetic words Capleton.


For a more complete and overall review please read my other piece, Because of the Time.

Mi deh yah now!



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