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The Diwali rhythm is ripping up the place and the one artist whose name is being called, is Wayne Wonder, with his hit, "No Letting Go." This artist has been on the scene since the eighties, making his name in the dancehall as the most sought after voice on the dub plates. He first got attention from the reggae fraternity when he did specials for many of the sound systems in Jamaica. He had the voice that could carry any message for any soundman.

If he wasn't making specials, he would be in the studio, singing with Buju Banton, balancing Bujuís gruff voice with his more mellow sound. Hear him on some of Buju's early recordings.

Anyway, that was then, this is now. He is a singer in demand again. He is now the talk of the town again. Not from the soundman, but the radio personalities. His "No letting Go" is tearing up the airways. It was a hit in the parties over the summer; it is still playing on Caribbean radio, and now it is in full rotation on the major FM stations.

Wayne or Waynie as he is most often called, has a fine voice that has gotten better over the years. He has had such hits as "The Saddest Day of My Life," "Sasha," "Searching Dem Searching," "Ready to Ride," "Basement Girl," "Joyride" to name a few of his songs.

Wayne got married this past summer and I am wondering if "No Letting Go" is a dedication to the love of his life. "No Letting Go" is a song that speaks of the love for a woman, telling her that when heís with her, thatís where he should be. There is no letting go; she takes care of him and she is special, wanting her right by his side. Wayneís concern for his lady is evident in his asking, "Do I make you cry?"

I donít know about all of you but I know that Waynie Wonder is hot and deserves all the success that is coming his way, with and without the Diwali, one of the hottest rhythms right now.

For those of you just getting your feel of this singer, welcome.

Yes VonWayne, yu a gwaan with tings.

Mi deh yah now!



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