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I was to the point where I was ready to throw away my vinyl. I was hearing word from the music industry that the CD revolution was coming and it was going to make my life easier. I was all excited. Imagine I could replace all of my LPís with the smaller, more compact and cheaper CDs.

The CDs arrived all right, packed in a jewel case, and a mini booklet to boot, but the one thing I was looking for,  a price comparable to that of an LP, I did not get.

The sell was, the CDs will be cheaper because of the technology involved in making and creating music on them. I waited, visiting various music stores, checking the prices, seeing if the price was now reflected in the music.

I am still waiting, and all I am hearing is the "donít buy bootleg, support the local music" story.  I donít know about anyone else but when vinyl was readily available I could go to a store and come home with more than fifteen albums. Now, with the CD revolution, I am lucky to come home with two CDs. Why is the price so expensive, when it is cheaper to produce a CD than an LP?

Since the music industry is so concerned about people buying bootleg, why donít they go back to giving people a choice as to how they want to buy their music? Why must it be a CD or nothing? Why canít people choose the cheaper LP if they want to, and make their own CDs, just like they did with the cassette tape. That way the music industry will not be losing anything and people will continue to buy what they can afford, and would at least reduce the need for them to buy bootleg.

People who are buying music donít want to choose between food and music. As long as the price remains high, people will look for cheaper elsewhere. What is that, Economics 101? You know, the stuff that America is made of.

So I say to the music industry, donít badger the people who are trying to save some money. Take a lead from the bootleg entrepreneurs, give the buying public an item they can afford and you will not have to worry about downloads and $5.00 CDs.

Whose leg are you pulling anyway?

Mi deh yah now!



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