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War and rumors of war, on the radio, on the television, in the newspaper, and from mouth to mouth, all the talk is about fighting with Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction, dictator, evil axis; these new phrases have been added to our every day vocabulary. We have become so desensitized that without knowing it, we are ready to go along with the hype that Iraq and its leader are evil. We are ready to call for the removal of this dictator when his people duly elected him. How ironic is it that a president that was not elected by the masses is calling for the destruction of a democratically elected leader. Talk about a dictatorship. Donít we have dictators that serve for four years, and if they get lucky another four?

Right after September 11th, we were looking for bin Laden. When was the last time you heard his name being mentioned? Did bin Laden metamorphosed into Saddam Hussein?

When are we going to look beyond the sensationalism of the news and start thinking for ourselves? Twelve years ago Daddy Bush had the same story. Saddam Hussein was evil then. We invaded him twice, set up a no fly zone, and destroyed all his weapons. What are we going back for?

Imagine a foreign entity coming into our country and telling us we cannot fly over a specific part of our country. How many Americans would go for that? Yet we sit in judgment of everyone as if our democracy is all that.

Show me the money. Before Saddam Hussein there was Khaddafi and before that there was the Ayatollah of Iran. At one time they were allies of ours, until the tide turned, until we had given them too much, given them too much of our secrets, too much of our technology on weapons of mass destruction. Are we going to war to destroy the evidence, and look for some new oilfields, or should we believe that Saddam Hussein is the new evil that has to be removed. Which government are we going to intimidate next?

We do not want to wait on the outcome of the UN. History really does repeat itself. Back then it was the League of Nations and the country was Ethiopia. Even though H.I.M. Haile Selassie did not get the needed support he still believed in the importance of the League of Nation, now United Nations. He had this to say on its survival. "The means for the enforcement of its decision must be fortified, and, if they do not exist, they must be devised. Procedures must be established to protect the small and the weak when threatened by the strong and the mighty."

Mi deh yah now!



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