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Vegas at Fish Eye

Mr. Vegas gave a non stop energizing performance at The Fish Eye Bar and Grill in Brooklyn, backed by the New Kingston Band.  Every time I see them work, they get better.  They will be a force to reckon with as a backing band and a singing group.  Good guidance Mr. Panton. Even though the doors opened at 6 PM, the show did not start until after midnight when Uriel Hamilton got things started.  Mr.  Vegas gave a performance that was well worth the wait however.  He wasn't in the Hot Wuk mood but was more mellow, singing some early soul hits and some R and B.  He paid tribute to his mom who is in hospital (hope she's better).  Mr. Vegas called Sammy Dread on stage who in turn called on Junior Demus.  The packed house was in an uproar and, both were well received.  He touched Heads High, Informer, and some of his other hits.  Mr. Vegas continued with his current hit, I am Blessed, and that brought the house down.  Overall, this was a very good performance by Mr. Vegas.
Check Fish Eye for their monthly first Wednesdays Reggae performance.

Mi deh yah now!


Mr. Vegas's Performance-Fish Eye Bar and Grill July 1, 2009

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