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If you are a Jamaican donít be fooled by the advertisements that you see on your television or in the newspaper, telling you to come home to Jamaica. That Jamaica is only available to you if you check yourself into an inclusive or exclusive hotel. Only then you will feel and enjoy the luxury of running water, smooth and paved road and god forbid, electricity. 

If you are not checked into one of these hotels, you will leave the island wondering what you did to deserve all of this. After all didn't you pay full price on the nation carrier? So how come when you get to your house and land everything change. The road (if you can call it that) to take you to your gate is slowly becoming a gorge waiting for a good rainfall to become the newest river on the island. The waterís not running again, because of a burnt out main that only affects your little area. Funny how the community further up on the hill always have running water even when the main is broken. Do they get better treatment because they also live in an inclusive and exclusive part of town?

The ads show people coming to the island and having a good time. The next time I turn on my television, I want to see some Jamaican visitors telling about the good time they are having. A tourist is just a person willing to come spent some time in another place. A Jamaican returning for a visit is also a tourist. How come both are not treated equally? Everyone is talking about the tourist this and the tourist that, but no one, I repeat no one, is looking at the visiting Jamaican or even the residents as important enough to be a tourist. 

Every citizen should be treated better than a tourist. That way every citizen will enjoy all of the development that is taking place on the island. They will have good roads to drive on and the water wonít be diverted to wash someone elseís a@!.

So people when you read this, especially our elected officials, please remember that tourists donít just book a flight and get off on the north coast, they also book a flight and travel to the south, east and west coasts; going to communities far from the regular touristy places, and they too deserve to be treated like a people helping to built up the economy.

Mi deh yah now!



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