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I read with pleasure that the president of South Africa, Tabu Mbeke paid a visit to Jamaica as part of the Caricom conference held recently in the Saint James city of Montego Bay. While there, he traveled to Kingston and Saint Andrew where he received the key to the city of Kingston. But a great disservice was done to the people of Saint Andrew. A great omission was committed and no one seems to care. The keys that the President received should have been for Kingston and Saint Andrew because all the places that are being celebrated are all located in the Saint Andrew area.

If it offends no one else on the island, I am truly offended because for many years the parish of Saint Andrew, not unlike Cinderella, has been doing all the work and not getting any glory for its hard work. Saint Andrew needs its princess charming to come and take it out of the Kingston servitude. The residents of Saint Andrew need to stop gwaan like sey dem no have whole heap a tings to brag about. Them have Emancipation Park, Mandela Park (where the key was given to Mr. Mbeke), the Cooperate Area, the Embassy row, the hotel strip and when dem waan jump and wine dem have the Madhouse and Mas Camp fi claim as dem own.

So Mr. Prime Minister I guess you didnít know that the President had received the wrong key to the wrong place.

Mi deh yah now!



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