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On Tuesday August 6th, SOBís came alive with the traditional Rasta sounds of the Abyssinians, a group consisting of Donald Manning, Bernard Collins and Linford Manning. They are reminiscent of the sounds of Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, but with an up-tempo beat. Patrons in the house came out to hear one of the original Rasta groups proclaim their love for Rasta, Ethiopia and Haile Selassie I, through their music. The house was filled with Rases wanting to hear one of the original Binghi roots group of all time.

If you were a Ras in the 70ís you could not forget the sounds of the Abyssinians on their debut album Satta Masagana, and SOBíS came alive with such hits as "Abendigo," "Declaration of Rights," "Good Lord," "Black Man Strain," "Know Jah Today," and of course, the National Anthem for Rastas everywhere, "Satta Masagana," a song that has spawn a whole collection of versions. The Band, a five-piece outfit, came together to work with the Abyssinians. They were tight and if you didnít know it, you would have thought they were working together for many years.

The Abyssinians also gave us some of their more recent songs like "19.995+Tax," and "Child Abuse" from their newest work, Reunion. It was a pleasure seeing them back together and performing again. The mood was just right and the music reached out and touched you in that spiritual part of your reggae soul. A show that was well worth the money, but please Mr. Sound Engineer, our ears can only take but so much.

Mi deh yah now!



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