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Continuing the month long celebration of Marcus Mosiah Garvey 115th earth day, SOBís was blessed with the harmonic sounds of the talented group, Morgan Heritage, in their musical contributions to the legacy of Hon. Marcus Garvey and Emperor Haile Selassie I. They are the offspring, of Denroy Morgan ("Iíll Do Anything For You") hence their name, Morgan Heritage. This group is standing on their own without relying on their father.

A young group full of cultural and spiritual awareness, their music explodes with the message of peace and love affirming their Rasta beliefs, as emphasized in the songs "Jah Seed," "What We Need is Love" and "More Teaching."

From the voice of Peter to sister Una, each member is talented enough to perform on his or her own. To get a good feel for this group, check them on their first Cd, Protect Us Jah.

The house was packed, people wanting to hear what the royal family was offering. They were not disappointed. From social commentary, "Whatís Going On," "Donít Have Fi Dread," to declaration of love for Harar, Ethiopia, Heritage was in control as they touched on song after song. "Letís Make Up," gave the audience a chance to hear the versatile singing voice of Grandpa as he sang with Una. Yes Grandpa we need to hear some solo on the next album!

Joined on stage for some songs was the other part of the talented musical family, LMS.

Closing the show with one of their all time hits, Morgan Heritage was joined on stage by their father and LMS. The spiritual vibe was flowing; "Down by the River" was where the audience was transplanted.

Their newest release, Morgan Heritage Family and Friends, is the third volume in a showcase of known and unknown artists. Listen and you will hear some of your favorite singers and deejays and discover some new ones along the way.

Mi deh yah now!



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