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Reggae is a music that came out of the struggles and experiences of the people of Jamaica. Now it is struggling to dig itself out of years of indiscipline, and abuse by people in the reggae fraternity.


Reggae music and its associated events should survive into this new millennium if people in the reggae business are going to be honest about what they are doing to the music and how much they want it to progress. It is summertime and shows are all over the place. Some of these shows are well promoted, and well executed, the artists are on the show, they start at an appropriate time and most importantly, the consumers, the ones buying the tickets to support these shows, walk away feeling like they have gotten their money’s worth. Too often, shows are planned as if they are being presented to blind and dumb people. There is little or no respect for the patrons of these events. People are waiting around for a show that should have started hours ago. There are no apologies for the delays, as if this is part of the enclosed fee.


Reggae patrons are getting to the point where they will have to speak out about the lack of respect in the music. How long will patrons keep attending these shows to be abused and disrespected, and walk away as if that was how they should be treated.


People are buying tickets to events that should be sold for half the stated price. The more at the door policy is a greedy attempt to rob people blind because promoters have no confidence in the people they are trying to get into a venue. Why wait around to see how many people are at the door before you decide to charge some ridiculous fee. Promote the show right and people will come.


Promote a show that will have everyone talking positively about the event. Don’t kill the vibes of the music. Give the respect to the patrons in these events. Remember, without them there is no show.


Mi deh yah now!



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