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Da Real Thing

What can I say but welcome forward Sizzla. Love makes you do things, even pen songs that are hits. "Thank U Mamma,' gives thanks for having a mother that loves and makes sacrifice for her child. 'Just One of Those Days' (Dry Cry) speaks of losing a love and being man enough to admit blame while missing his woman. New York and Jamaica feels your pain. Hes not giving up thou. 'Solid As a Rock' and 'Mash Them Down,' tells just that. With all the complication of life, 'Simplicity' is the only way to survive. The weed anthem, 'We Got it Right Here,' is a cry of defiance. Sizzla has shown his versatility again; love, oppression, Rasta, struggle, hope, joy, all themes addressed on this Cd. Da Real Thing, Sizzla, is for real.

Big up to the August Town, Saint Andrew massive!

Mi deh yah now!



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