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It was billed as a night of vintage performers.   Showtime was advertised as 11 p.m.  Amazura was the venue and Downbeat, and Jah Wise were providing the music.   At eleven fifteen p.m. the place was still empty and the show had not started.   If it werenít for the music being spun by Tony Screw, the long wait until two a.m. would have been a waste.


All the performers did well in spite of the often disruption of non-working mikes.   The three horns men are to be commended for trying to be profession when there was a constant flow of bodies coming on stage and going backstage.   Lloyd Parks, I always knew you were a professional.   The performance started with Errol Dunkley.  He did a good set touching some of his hits from yesteryears like, Black Cinderella.  After Errol there was Johnny Clark bringing his roots flavor to the night.   He did a good set also with songs like Move out of Babylon.


George Nooks, limping with a crutch under his arm, did his best to perform in spite of his obvious pain.   General Trees did a lively set and was soon followed by Professor Nuts.   Admiral Bailey did a fifteen-minute set.  Time was running out and the acts were being encouraged to move fast through their sets.  When the headliner, Alton Ellis, came on stage, he barely had time to finish one of his songs before he had to put his mike down and leave the stage.  Time was up. It was six-thirty, daylight saving time.


It is disgraceful that three hours was wasted and the artists had to pay the price.  For someone of Altonís stature in the music business, I think his treatment on stage was wrong.  We cannot celebrate the foundation singers by giving them that kind of treatment on stage. Start the show on time and allow everyone to get his or her time on stage.


Mi deh yah now!



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