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A new sound is on the horizon. It is Midnite, not the time of day, but the wicked Reggae group out of St. Croix, Virgin Island, a five-member band with a driving reggae sound and lyrics to die for. Frustrated by life in Babylon, Midnite moved back to their island home of St. Croix to restart their musical career. Inspired by the teachings and philosophy of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, JAH Rastafari, this group is driving some hard rhythm behind the cutting messages in their music.


Their new Cd, Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance, contains thirteen songs that fill the mind, body and soul, with inspirational and precise rhythmic sounds. The title track tells the listener to seek knowledge before becoming vengeful. Another track marvels in the joy of parenthood as displayed in the song, "New Life," birth of a new life, a gift from Jah, Jah. "Ras For a Reason," explains without apology that the I is a Rasta. Other noteworthy tracks include "Kingdom Trees," "You Donít Know Me," "Jah Ovah," "Dagger Man," and the love inspired ballad "Late Night Ghetto."


All the tracks give you something to ponder and the rhythm keeps you locked in to the messages in the music. The sometimes slurring of the words is part of the flavor of the lead singer, Vaughn Benjamin. For lovers of roots rock reggae with a message, this Cd is a must listen. If you thought that reggae had lost its way, fear not, Midnite is here.


Check them out and give the music a listen before midnight.


Mi deh yah now!



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