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If you were not in the house at S.O.B.ís this Tuesday night, July 30th, you missed a performance by veteran horns man, Dean Fraser and renowned singer, Marcia Griffiths. Both were backed by the band Beniah, a roots and culture outfit from Jamaica.

Although the crowd was sparse, those in the house would agree that the performance by these two Jamaican icons was well worth the wait. Dean Fraser, the legendary saxophonist, handled the horns as if he was at a tap, music flowing or coming out in drops, all from the mouth of this masterful musician. He was one with the music, transporting you to places that were soulful and rootsy at the same time. If you have only heard him on vinyl or Cd, you need to see him live and in color. He knows how to coax a tune from a horn like no other that I have heard on the music scene.

Sister Marcia was in style as she stepped on the stage. Itís not just about the music with Marcia; her outfits are usually the talk of the show too. Her voice was in fine style as she sang some of her well-known tunes. You could almost believe that you were listening to a recording.

The audience sang along as she touched a favorite, one after the other. She even performed one of my favorite, "Stepping out of Babylon." In between she did her tribute to Bob Marley, whom she had worked with as part of the I-Threes. Sister Marciaís performance would not have been complete if she didnít do her instantly recognized, mega hit, "Electric Slide." She even invited audience participation to come onstage and do the slide with her.

If you werenít there, you missed an evening of reggae in fine style.

Mi deh yah now!



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