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In spite of, and through the rain, they came for an evening of musical celebration. It was in celebration of The Rt. Hon. Marcus Mosias Garveyís 115th earth day, presented by Jammings. Billed to appear was Tony Curtis, VC, Warrior King, Baby Cham, and the David House Crew, featuring Capleton.


No water could put out the fire, first lit by Tony Curtis. He performed even when the rain came down and people ran for cover. He ended his set with High Grade, a song much needed to warn the spirits of the wet ones. His performance was well received as the audience awaited the next act up. The fire had started to dry up the water.


The rain had stopped and VC was on the stage. He opened with a strong set and he was well received by the crowd, many of whom knew him by His Deed. They came alive when he touched that song. For a first performance in Brooklyn, VC had the crowd.


More oil was added to the fire, as Warrior King took the stage, ready to perform, humble young brethren, not afraid to sing to, and for a woman. His simplicity and graciousness made my day especially when he called his Empress on stage and sang to her, indeed he had found a Virtuous Woman. He came with a Breath of Fresh Air, and the crowd responded to him without the need for the name-calling and the chichimanism. His debut Cd, ready to drop, is a must for the music lover collection.


Kingston Band carried the first part of the show, and they were tight.


In between bands, we were treated to the sounds of LP International, they had the mix, to suit the varied age group that was in the house but I found the constant talking before, during and after each song annoying, along with the abbreviated play. I thought LP meant long playing.


More fire, more fire!! The David House Crew was in the house, backed by the Prophecy Band, readying the crowd for the Fireman himself. Some notable performance but the name-calling and the obscenities were not something that Marcus Garvey stood for. What you donít know you should learn. Capletonís set was energizing and his voice was as strong as ever but not enough time was spent singing those songs he is known for. I expected more fire but I didnít feel the burn. The audience, I think did most of the singing. I couldnít get a feel for the band because they didnít get a chance to display their music skills. Too many two chord start without any finish.


On stage briefly, due to lateness, Baby Cham closed the show, promising us a free performance the next time heís in town. Yes, Baby Cham, I really want my free performance.


Overall, the performances were strong; the audience had a good show, but Warrior King was by far the best performer on the bill.


Mi deh yah now!



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