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Acoustic guitar, solo performances, rock flavored songs, truthful words, words about getting out, ushers in the solo Cd, entitled Dragonfly, of Bobís eldest, Ziggy. This is a beautiful Cd that brings Ziggy into himself. He has found his niche. He is not trying to fill his fatherís shoes or even trying to please anyone but himself. Listen to the tracks 'True to Myself, and, 'I Get Out,' and hear what Iím talking about. The stirring 'Shalom, Salaam' deals with the crisis in the Middle East, and wonders if there will be any peace for the children of Israel and Palestine. 'In The Name of God' looks at the hypocrisy of religion and the massacre and hate that takes place in the name of God. All religion should be wiped out he says, to save the people.  'Melancholy Mood,' how can the son of Bob not have a little something to meditate with when the pressures of the world gets him down?  If you need a reason to lift your spirit, Iíll give you eleven. Get the Cd and listen to all of them.

Mi deh yah now!



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