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Buju at MSG

For this year's appearance of Buju Banton at The Theatre at MSG, he was joined on stage by legendary Reggae performer, Burning Spear, Dancehall icon Shabba Ranks, Tony Rebel, Gramps and Peter and Shelia Hylton.

Even though some of his performance was kind of déjà vu from last year's show, Buju Banton did an excellent job showcasing the new materials from his new CD, Rasta Got Soul.  He has the ability to cross from the dancehall into a more spiritual and mellow mood as he selected and perform songs that the audience was waiting to hear him sing.

His movement across the stage was somewhat distracting at times but, eventually he did slow down and face the sold out audience.

This was a birthday treat that I truly enjoyed.

Mi deh yah now



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