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The Reggae and music community mourns, as news reached the New York listeners that Brent Dowe of The Melodians fame had passed away. As part of this harmony group, he was responsible for such hit songs as "Little Nut Tree", "I’ll Get Along Without You," "Down Here in Babylon," "Everybody Bawling", "Sweet Sensation," "It Comes and Goes," "Come On Little Girl," "Rivers of Babylon," (redone by Boney M, a group out of Europe), "You Have Caught Me," and "Swing and Dance."


Not only was Brent a singer but he was also a writer, producing hit songs for his group along with Renford Cogle, Tony Brevette and Trevor McNaughton. Brent also wrote for artists like Marcia Griffiths. Brent has been recording music from the sixties, with producers like Leslie Kong for his Beverly’s label, and Duke Reid for his Treasure Isle label.


The Melodians were part of the Rock Steady era, remaining in tact as one of the outstanding harmony trios of all time. The group traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe and Asia. Brent’s last performance in New York was at the Vintage Reggae Show in Westchester. Previous to that they had performances at Carib New York.


The voice was strong and the harmony was as tight as ever, as Brent, Tony and Trevor performed. In fact, their performances were outstanding, giving credence to the saying that respect is due to the elders. Brent’s work is part of the foundation of Reggae’s history. His music will continue to live with us, coming alive again in the ears and hearts of the young generation of music appreciators who will discover the sound that is sweet and sensational.


To the family, friends and fans of Brent Dowe, we know that he will be missed but we thank him for his musical contributions to the world.


Mi deh yah now!





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