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40 Years on The Big Ship

I liked the idea, a celebration of life’s achievement for one of Jamaica’s veteran performer. It was a night to celebrate Freddy McGregor’s fortieth years in the music business. As it is said, when he started performing he was called Little Freddy and he would stand on a crate to reach up to the mike. Now he is all grown up and still thrilling audiences all over the world.


The Hammerstein Ballroom was geared up and ready to go. It was a combination of Freddie's voice and other guests and family members who came out to wish him love and success for his forty years in the business.  Sis Carol was in the house, along with World a Girls, David Rodigan and Freddie's children.


The Clarks, Una and Yvette were there also.  They presented him with a plaque for his years in the business. 


It was a wonderful way to celebrate the living memories and contribution of one who is still alive to hear what is being said about him.  


To Freddie McGregor thanks for the years and thank you for touching 'Wine of Violence.'

Mi deh yah now!




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