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I am back on the Island after a two-year absence and I am overjoyed that the transportation system has expanded to cover more areas in the Tri-Parish (Saint Andrew, Kingston and Saint Catherine.)  I am so glad that my little area now has a 'chi chi bus' a ply the route. I donít have to sit in the "shackles" and wait for one more passenger to come on before the tooter will let the vehicle move. 


I am happy that there is a fare system. Even happier that the buses work but, for the life of me, and I mean that literally, I donít understand why all the drivers drive the buses like they are being chased by the headless horseman or in Jamaican term, a duppy.


For how long will we have a bus system if these drivers continue to treat the busses this way? I know someone will say that the drivers are all good drivers because they have been driving for a long time. Speeding is not the mark of a good driver.


Please slow down Mr. Driver. If you listen carefully you will hear more and more of your passengers complaining about the unnecessary speed that you are driving at. Slow down a little; donít let the passengers break their hands trying to find something to grab when you put your foot down a little harder on the gas.

Mi deh yah now!



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