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Once in a while an artist comes along and delivers a musical package that leaves you wanting for more.  Listening to the  CD, "Parables," by Tarrus Riley, son of veteran Reggae singer, songwriter and producer, Jimmy Riley, you get the impression that he set out to give you the best musical selection that he could put to recording.  All the fifteen tracks have something to offer everyone.  They are all hits.  His signing style is simply convincing and humble, filled with honesty and a great delivery.

He is not bragging and boasting but you hear the true conviction in his voice.  His positive and committed outlook on relationships and life, respectively, can be heard on songs like "Stay With You," "Something Strong," "She's Royal," "Africa Awaits," and "One Two Order."

"Lion Paw" is another beautiful track that delivers the message of good over evil.  "Micro Chip" warns of the danger of worshiping technology and getting caught up in the web and forgetting the practicality of living without the convenience of the micro chip.

For his take on current events, especially the spate of killings in Jamaica his song "Beware," is worth playing every day until no more lives are lost at the hand of a gunman.  Gunmen your crime will "Haunt You" until you seek an end to the wrongs that you do.

Tarrus awoke the listeners on the song, "She's Royal."  He wasn't trying to tell us women about our body parts.  He was singing a song of direct love to a woman who does not need to 'skin out' for people to recognize her beauty; after all as the song said, 'she doesn't not need any makeup to be a cutie.'

The title track "Parables" asks us to suss the signs of the time to help understand what is taking place in the world.

"System Set," "Pick Up The Pieces," "Let Love Live," and  "Family" are some of the other noteworthy songs.

The last song 'My Baby (Cyan Sleep)' is a whimsical take on a parent adjusting to the life of fatherhood.  It brought a smile to my face, especially when I heard the part about where the baby should have been, instead of twisting and turning on the bed.

I hope VP Records and the rest of this production team, on this CD, do right by Tarrus Riley. 

Mi deh yah now!



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