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Queen Ifrica-Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the second CD for the empress, Queen Ifrica.  This 13 track offering opens with a Nyahbinghi chant.  She then moves into telling you about her city, Montego Bay, in the parish of Saint James.  She doesnít beat around the bush, giving it to you straight; yes the tourists come but no money is flowing for the regular people.  Her controversial Daddy, banned on radio in Jamaica, is done over is Spanish, bringing the subject of incest to a larger audience.

If you need a meditation then the herbalist in you should have a fill on Coconut Shell. Keep it to Yourself, her take on donít ask, donít tell, decries the fact that she doesnít want no fish in her ital stew.  For all artists Donít Sign, until you read the fine prints, and understand the secret codes because things might hurt you down the line. Streets are Bloody are other notable tracks on the Cd.

Right now I am feeling Calling Africa, Lioness on the Rise a song that show her willing and loyalty to step to the front line, Yad to the East, Streets are Bloody, Far Away and In My Dreams. Who say Rasta canít be romantic, even in dreams.

Queen Ifrica has a strong sound; giving the sisters the needed balance to all the men in the dancehall. She goes from soft and soulful to hardcore.

You need to make this Cd a part of your musical collection and enjoy the sound of the queen.


Mi deh yah now!



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