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If your work is getting you down and you need some r&r before you venture home then I would encourage you to check out Rock With Squeeze at SOB's on Mondays.  This after work networking event has had energetic and lively performances from I Wayne, Frankie Paul, Richie Spice, Alaine,  Kymani Marley, Noble Society, Under The Rasta Influence, Assassin, Serani, Kevin Little, with appearances from Gramps from Morgan Heritage, India Irie, LUST (Luckie D, Thriller U, Singing Melody and Tony Curtis), Ghost,  Lady Ann, .

The backing band for most of the performers has been New Kingston, the young energetic foursome of veteran Reggae musician Courtney Panton.  The group has done a fantastic job presenting their own music as well as providing the backing sound.  They have grown and matured since the first time I saw them perform.  Be sure to check out their CD, 'In The Streets'.

In this economic hard times, you get a good value for your money.  You can enter with your name on the guest list for free before 7 PM.  In all you get a quality performance and if you desire, you can dine and digest your meal while listening to the Reggae sound.  Mix music is provided by Kevin Crown, DJ Gravy and Steelie Bashment.

An enjoyable way to spent a Monday evening.

Mi deh yah now!



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