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The whole country is in an uproar because of the arrest of Prof. Gates at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He was arrested when his neighbors made a call that there was an attempted break-in.  The police arrived and some how the esteemed professor was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, even after he provided proof to the police that  the house he had 'broken into' was his.

Now the President is involved, calling the police act stupid.  People are demanding apologies back and forth and the police are insisting that they were doing their job. Well Mr. president, the police are indeed correct.  Their job is to make sure that they criminalize every and all black man.  Their job is to shoot first because they feel threatened when they encounter a black man. 

Their job is to always have the standard lines, "Shots were fired," "The suspect had a gun," "He was resisting arrest," "There was a struggle," on hand to defend their actions.  Prof. Gates should be thankful that he did not become part of the other statistics that face blacks in America.  Instead of now going to the White House for beers, his family would be going to a funeral home to plan his funeral.

When my daughter asked me if I had heard what had happened to Prof. Gates, without even knowing what had happened, I asked her instead if he had discovered that he was black.  I remember him doing the genealogy show and he was so caught up with himself that he had whites in his family.  Maybe some of his neighbors are descendants from his family line. How come these concerned neighbors couldn't recognize the professor, in broad day light, as he tried to gain access to his house?  Did he just move into the neighborhood? The man walks with a limp, needing a cane and I am sure he is one of the few blacks that lives in that neighborhood or on the block for that matter.  Maybe it's time for Prof. Gates to find neighbors that he can live with.  I wonder if he's considered a lawsuit against these concerned citizens?  He should have realized that something like this would happen one day.

The fact that we have a black man as president means absolutely nothing.  Blacks are still being killed, getting arrested and ending up in the criminal justice system at a disproportionate rate to our population in this country.  I don't want to hear the President calling the police act stupid, I want to know what policies are going to be developed to put an end to this form of institutional racism.  Bears that have strayed into residential areas are captured with more humanity.  Pit bulls and other attack dogs are disabled without loss of their life but, a black man's life is less meaningful in the eyes of the law. 

Whether the act is caught on tape for the whole world to see or, in Prof. Gates case he provided proof of who he was, the outcome is all the same.  Once you are black, you are a criminal.  So Mr. President, it is no laughing matter, God can only bless America, if America is willing to bless all of its people.

Mi deh yah now!



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