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"Mi no know how me and them a go work it out, but someone will have to pay for the innocent blood that they shed every day, oh children mark my word."


One shot too many, fifty to be exact, and three innocent lives were affected.  On is dead and two are recovering.  As usual it is the same story that has been told over and over again.  Cops felt threatened by the sight of black men and the only defense they have is the guns that they fired and reloaded.


A large group representing a cross section of the city came out the show their outrage of the shootings and to demand justice.  Young people, old people, Black people, White people, Spanish speaking people and Chinese people, all came out to push their agendas as well as to lend their voices to the unjust.


Law enforcement officers have always felt 'threatened' by black men.  We were whipped into submission during slavery, hung from trees afterwards and still we continue to be abused by those entrusted to 'protect us.'  These law protectors understand that a dead black man cannot fulfill his potential, so as Bob says, "Every time I plant a seed they say kill them before they grow."


We need to be vigilant.  "Them a go tired fi see mi face, can't get mi out of the place."  Not just in marching to 34th street and leading people to the very stores where we are not disciplined to walk away from, but in the courthouse when the 'trial' begins, at the Precinct meetings to demand an account of how our communities are being policed, make the politicians that we elect blindly, start seeing our faces in their offices; write letters and document what is going on; be a witness when a cop stops someone on the street; demand democracy for ourselves here in America; disconnect from the notion that we should always be in a rush to disconnect ourselves from our money, we are only building empires for the very same people who are coming to shoot us down. 


One sign said, "Improve Police and Community Relations Now!"  I say, "Establish Police and Community Relations Now!"


We will continue to be victimized by this society as long as we continue to victimize ourselves.  When we start to love ourselves as reflected in people that look like us, we will diffuse the fear.  When we stat to love and respect ourselves, we will not let our communities turn into 'hoods.'  When we start to love and respect ourselves we will understand that economic strength and power comes from pooling our resources together.  The police protect businesses, and in turn the people who owns those businesses.  When we start to love and respect ourselves we will instill that love and respect in our children so they can become the successors of tomorrow.  When we start to love and respect ourselves we will have enough love to kill the hate that is trying to destroy us.


Mi deh yah now!



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