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Joseph Hill, known to family and friends as Lloydie, of the roots reggae group Culture, has passed away.  He was on tour in Europe (Germany) when he became ill. The group came to prominence in the seventies with hits such as 'Two Sevens Clash' a song in tribute to some of the prophetic sayings of Marcus Mosias Garvey, and the year 1977.  For every traveler on the Mandela Highway, I am sure they will remember the cotton tree outside the Ferry police station on the Saint Catherine and Saint Andrew border. 


Culture the group, with Joseph as its lead cornerstone singer, gave us numerous songs that addressed the injustices and dissatisfaction of the Jamaican, and world population.  His songs were also anthems for the beliefs of Rastas all over the world.  He was not afraid to sing about the greediness of a woman always wanting money on Friday, but not doing much for the rest of the week.  'Baldhead Bridge' referred to the wicked and foolish system of the 'baldhead' and the way in which it would all come to an end.  'Natty Never Get Weary' is one of those songs that speaks to the perseverance of the Rasta man in spite of how others treat him.


The seventies saw the group producing some of their most memorable and much loved songs.  Their timeless classics has survived  for more three decades, cultivating new listeners and lovers of the music.  Culture was one of those groups that played an important part in the musical landscape of the seventies, and the Rasta movement in particular.  No record collection or party would be complete without a segment from the group. 


The reggae music community is in mourning, but the songs and his music will continue to live and so will the memory of Joseph Hill.   


To the Hill family, Pauline his wife, his children and other family members, let the love from all of the lovers of Culture's music give you all the strength to carry on and just remember that Natty Never Get Weary.


Mi deh yah now!



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