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She has finally done it, finally putting together her debut CD, 'Etana, The Strong One.'  Listeners will get a chance to hear this royal sister sing some of her best songs to date.  We were introduced to her through the song, 'Wrong Address' and 'Roots' now we get a chance to hear the versatility in her sound and hear the range of songs that she has to offer.  From the love filled songs like ('Closer,' 'More and More,' 'Warrior Love,' 'Blessing' and 'I'll Be The One') and the empowering ('Don't Forget,' 'Live and Love Life' and 'I am Not Afraid'), to the social commentary of ('Roots,' 'Wrong Address,' 'Nothing But Love' and 'Nuclear'), 'Etana, The Strong One' will not disappoint.

Her 16 track CD will soothe the soul and strengthen the reserve of anyone who listens.  Most songs written or co- written by Etana, Tarrus Riley, Dean Fraser and others add to the strong repertoire of this young, talented sister.

Make sure to buy your copy of the CD and keep the cultural music going.

Big up the August Town, Saint Andrew massive.

Mi deh yah now!



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