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Buju Banton-Rasta Got Soul

The Gargamel is back with his 2nd Cd on his Gargamel Music label.  Buju is touching on his spiritual and soulful side once again. In this body of work he is revealing to the world that yes, Rasta Got Soul, the title of his 15 track Cd.

Bujuís maturity, acceptance and comfortableness with himself is evident in the selections on this Cd.

The tone of this Cd is very positive, optimistic and upbeat. Each track has a message of hope, faith and goodwill even when things are not always upright.

Tracks include I Wonder, Lend a Hand, Optimistic Soul, Third Worldís Sense of Purpose redone Buju style.

The Binghi style drumming on Rastafari cushions Buju as he sings about being a Rasta. He goes back to his roots once again and pulls up some Ska flavored selection like, A Little Bit of Sorry.

Bujuís soft soulful side comes through on Affairs of the Heart, Bedtime Story, Lights Out and Mary.

He is not afraid to declare his love in Make You Mine and, Hurt Us No More proclaims his control and freedom from wickedness. His optimism is evident in Magic City and I Rise (if heís in a want you donít know or if heís in a need you donít know)

My favorites right now are Rastafari, Hurt Us No More, Lights Out, Magic City and Lend a Hand.

I am always in love with the spiritual and soulful Buju and this Cd fits me well. Get your copy today.


Mi deh yah now!



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